Disease Diagnosis

Tree issue diagnosis

Complete Tree Disease Diagnosis

Are you concerned about the current health of your trees? Whether you are worried about disease or parasites, you can trust us to diagnose the problem quickly. With 32 years of experience working with trees, we can diagnose any problem with your trees - from devastating parasites to damaging diseases. Let the professionals at Larry Blackwelder Tree Service check your trees today.

See What Is Harming Your Trees

  • Parasite diagnosis
  • Tree issue diagnosis
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Injections for killing wood bores
  • Injections for treating various parasites and diseases

Save Your Tree Before It Is Too Late

If your tree is leaning, decaying, weak, or full of dead branches, it might be a sign of a serious problem. If caught early, we can treat your trees and have them looking brand new again in no time. Call our friendly and professional team at the first sing of a problem for a thorough assessment and disease diagnosis. We will try our best to save your tree but in serious cases, a take-down might be necessary.
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Trees are both beautiful and beneficial to the environment. When you have a problem, call for fast 24/7 emergency service. Your trees are worth saving.
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