Stump Grinding

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Reliable Stump Grinding

Along with getting in the way and making your yard look ugly, tree stumps can also be a breeding ground for unwanted fungi that can infect your healthy trees. When you have tree stumps left over after cutting down a tree, don't leave them sitting around. The experienced team at Larry Blackwelder Tree Service will have them gone in no time so you can start enjoying your yard again.

Get Rid of Your Unwanted Tree Stumps

  • Residential stump grinding
  • Commercial stump grinding
  • Complete stump removal
  • Palm trees stump grinding

Prevent Future Growth of Stump

Stump grinding is both the most common technique used to get rid of tree stumps and the most reliable one. The stump will be grinded below ground level, preventing future growth and giving you even more room in your yard. Along with reliable stump grinding services, we also provide disease diagnosis services to help you spot problems with your trees before they become severe.
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